This is the personal website of me, @bradrn. I am interested in areas including programming, linguistics, mathematics, chemistry, physics and music, and hope to share my thoughts here. Mostly I go by bradrn, though where that’s unavailable I’m brdrcn instead.

The site logo is the English word script transliterated into the Javanese script (aksara Jawa), as ꦱꦼꦏꦿꦶꦥ꧀ (in Latin transcription sekrip). It is typeset in the font ‘Bakul’, by Aditya Bayu Perdana (Bēhance, download link). The term script is used prominently in both linguistics and programming; furthermore, I have long admired the aesthetic of Javanese script, one of the closest indigenous scripts to where I live. (And, of course, its substring ‘Java’ is known from programming too…)